Advantages Of Essay Writing

Essay writing is an art. It needs creativity and skills to craft a good essay. Some students find it as a challenge while some find it as a way to express their thoughts and opinions. Here we will give you some tips to improve upon your essay writing skills.

Points to keep in mind while writing an essay:

  1. Avoiding repetition- Repeating words, phrases can kill the beauty of your essay. Avoid repeating words, phrases, etc. If need be, replace them with something similar.
  2. Use of active voice- Use of active voice breathes life into your essay. This means that subject of the sentence performs the action. It does not receive the action. You need to know who is performing the action. In other words, identify the subject and then move that subject in front of the verb and make the necessary changes.
  3. Avoid idioms and clichés- Readers always wants to listen original ideas. Instead of using processed and canned statements you should always use something of your own. This will surely improve your writing skills and will attract reader’s attention.
  4. Spelling check- You should always run a spell check. Find all the errors before handing it over to someone. Save yourself some embarrassment by checking for the spelling mistakes.
  5. Second opinion do matters- Sometimes it is necessary to ask for opinion of others. You can take help from someone if you want to. It works a great deal.
  6. Develop the habit of reading- Reading others peoples’ essay can help you a lot in building and developing your own style. Try reading some essays from wide variety of subjects.
  7. Vocabulary building- If you have a good vocabulary then you will be able to express your ideas and opinions easily. This will also help in avoiding repetitive words.