Building a Website Using a Free Easy Software:

You want to build a website, but you are stuck with programming languages and the architecture of your website. Have you ever thought that web design can be as easy as word processing?

I will show how to build a website easily, for free and with no pain. Focus on productivity, that is how you should think. People, viewers of your website, should find your website organized and must recognize how the menus work so they can find easily and fast what they are looking for.

For now, enough BLA BLA, like the French people say and let’s move to action.

The first thing to do is to create a logo – a banner- for website. Use any graphic software and be yourself while drawing a logo; that’s my advice. You can also create a logo at Cool Text. You can see a video tutorial about creating a logo there by clicking here.

Now, download NAMU6 by clicking here. NAMU6 is a free web design software. Install and launch it. Make a new website. You can try here and there if you’re still starting so you can experiment with things and later know what to do without any doubts. Well, look at me now.

I could build a website of 5 pages in one hour using NAMU6. I know I was very slow and that was the first time I used it. You can imagine how it is easy.

Click right on the banner at the top to view the theme menu. Click right anywhere but that banner to see the page’s menu. You can add headlines, pictures and hypertext text.

You can change the colors of the headlines or make or download a new theme to work on.

One thing that you should not worry about is saving your work. Whenever you do something (per example: adding a headline or even adding a single letter) it will be saved immediately. As I said before, focus on what you do not on how you are doing it or what you are using to do it.

Now, you need to do one more thing. Click Option = gt; NAMU6 = gt; Check “Hide “Made with NAMU6″ Link”.

Before uploading -publishing- your website you need a web hosting account that supports FTP.

It has been four years that I started looking for free web hosting services. Finally, I found a great one: No ads, 5 GB of storage and 20 GB of monthly bandwidth with FTP support. Hurry up and get an account there now.

After you register your web hosting account, you will be provided by some FTP details via email.

Anyway I will tell you how to upload your website. Click Publish Options. In the General tab you should fill the FTP host address, username and password fields with the appropriate data.

Fill using this example if you have a activated account:

FTP host address

Username: your_username

Password: your_password

Ignore all the other fields and tabs and click OK.

Now you are ready click Publish and stand by while the process.

Thanks for reading, I hope it was a good help.