How About a Trip to Tallinn

Tallinn is one of those European cities that you need to visit at least once in your life. However, when you visit once, you will want to go again and again. Well, with that said and done, when you decide you are visiting this amazing tourist attraction, you need to decide on the reittimatka tallinnaan. Depending on where you are in the world, you can decide to either fly, sail or enjoy a road trip to the Medieval city. Nevertheless, the best option would be to fly into Tallinn and then hire a car to take you around. This way, you will definitely spend less time travelling and more time sightseeing.

  • Set Your Eyes to Admiration Mode

The city has numerous high points which you can pride yourself in climbing. The best one would be catching the view of the Alexsander Nevski Cathedral. The city’s church spires and medieval towers will get you tripping on the cobblestones while admiring.

  • Mouth-Watering!

Considering the multiculturalism of the city, you will be amazed at the dining options available at your disposal. What’s more, their multiculturalism shows in their food. Choose between the main square for a taste of a huge medieval feast or a fusion of Estonian and Russian cuisine. If you are more of a quiet person, enjoy your peaceful meals at the quiet courtyard cafes. However, be ready to part with a good fortune at the serene piazzas.

  • Explore

Experience an extraordinary mix of the old, new and the soviet epoch remnants by walking out through the city gates. Board a tram to Kadriorg Palace and enjoy an amazing excursion with a glimpse of the palace wedding to witness some of the melodramatic Russian weddings. Here is the only place that you will find the chance to walk to the waterfront. Take advantage, visit the abandoned political prison, and let your imaginations loose.


Tallinn is one heck of a destination. If you have a “to visit” bucket list, add it in and make sure you tick it.