A Vacation In Armenia

Armenia is a country little known to most people around the world. This previous Soviet state produces a lot of fighters and weightlifters and is also developing its tourism and economy at a very fast rate. The country has many beautiful spots all around the country that you can view on your trip to the country. With the help of Wanderlust 15 we have compiled a list of places that you can visit on your trip to the country.


Yerevan which is one the oldest inhabited cities in the world and also the countries capital should be the first city on your list. This city doesn’t have many signs of the Soviet rule except the outskirts and the city is filled with elegant cafes and parks. The view of the mountains from the city is picturesque.

The Debed Canyon is one of Armenia’s most visited spots and is full of history. It doesn’t have any residential areas though and most people travel to the place from Vanadzor. Tourists visit Haghpat and Sanahin both of which are World Heritage sites. There are little villages along the Debed River and you can see stone crosses everywhere which are examples of Medieval Christian Art.

Goris is also a beautiful place to hang out on top of the mountains. You can find cave cities on one side of the river and on the other side you can find volcanic rocks and soils which have deposited there due to many years of volcanic activity. You can also visit the Rock Forest in the area. The people of area lead a very traditional life and will be more than happy to chat with you.

Lake Sevan is one of the reasons that people visit Armenia. This beautiful lake with its turquoise blue water is filled with people who in indulge in water ski and paddleboats. You’ll see a lot of people along the shoreline enjoying the beach too.

Mount Aragats is Armenia’s tallest mountain. It is snow capped 250 days a year and also has a beautiful lake at around 3000 meters. Medieval architecture can also be found there for example a fortress and a watch tower.

Etchmiadin Cathedral which is the oldest state built church is the world can also be found here. Armenia is the first official Christian country in the world and built the first basilica in 308 AD. The site also house a museum now.