8 Tips for Women to Survive a Blind Date

Were you looking for a partner and had your friend set you up for a blind date? Did you ever try blind dating? Or were you scared enough to actually do it?

A blind date is a game of fate where you meet someone and later on, become lovers, or end up getting another friend. 

To help you survive the art of blind dating without having to go through сайт за запознанство, we prepared 8 survival tips to ensure your dating success.

Ensure your well-being. Inform your family and friends who you are meeting and where. You are meeting your date for the first time so we advise you to be incredibly careful.

Be well-dressed. You should not appear either overdressed or underdressed in front of your date. Don’t wear clothes where you will find yourself uncomfortable or something that will cause you to feel self-conscious. 

Create a great first impression. You are doing this blind date because you want something to come out of it not just a friendly companion but for a lifetime.

Be modest. If you find your date very attractive, don’t try to exaggerate any stories about yourself just to impress your date. Keep things in moderation. 

Be creative in choosing a meeting place. Try to meet somewhere casual and pubic, this way you will end up having more subject matter to discuss.

Listen. Every person has a story to tell. Engage and listen to what your date will tell you and take this opportunity to get to know him or her better.

Don’t be late. Yes, you took a long time preparing for this date so don’t ruin your image by coming in late. However, if coming late is inevitable, let your date know about it. 

Avoid asking personal questions. You may want to know your date better but you will have plenty of time doing that when you start maneuvering to the right path. So keep it short and sweet.