3 key equipments for car towing

Car towing is an elaborate affair and demands wide range of equipments. Are you planning to start your own car towing business? Or is it that you wish to set up a towing kit for DIY car towing. Well, whatever it is, when it comes to vehicle towing, there are some must-have equipments. The post below offers a brief on the major car towing equipments you will need here. 

Wheel lift

As the name says, wheel lift helps to move cars to be towed. It features a long bar which goes from tow truck till the car being towed. Then, there is a straight bar which is attached to front tires while towing the vehicle.


It’s the flat bed of tow truck which uses hydraulics to glide down to the ground level. After the slide is laid down, the car is pulled up onto it with the help of a winch. Then, with the help of slide, the car is pushed to back of tow truck


The shock helps to absorb the sudden bumps and protects the car from any kind of sudden impact. You can check out https://mygaragetool.com/best-shock-kit-for-nissan-titan-4wd-2004-2014/ for shock kits for your towing bundle.

Rent or buy?

Are you in a dilemma on whether to buy or rent the car towing equipments? Well, it all depends on your specific condition. Buying these equipments would be quite an expensive affair if you are planning for DIY towing. If towing is not your professional business, then it’s better to rent them as you won’t need them frequently. It would always be more economical than buying.

But, if you own a car towing business, then you must purchase a comprehensive towing kit as you would need these equipments frequently. You can’t just call up a towing kit renting facility every time a client asks for your towing assistance. If it’s your own business, your own towing kit will always be handy for a prompt and more effective service.