The Most Famous Sport In The World

When it comes to sports, not all of us may be die hard fans but we do get entertained one way or another. Out of the hundreds of sports available in the world, which one is the most famous sports? We can all take our guesses and of course some might not agree with the result but it still won’t change the outcome.

The Most Famous Sport

Are you ready to find out the original site and most famous sport in the world? Well it’s none other than football or soccer; yes, that’s right, it’s not basketball, baseball or even tennis. The result is based on various factors, some of which we will discuss with you.

Football’s overall dominance in the world of sports and fans found all over the world is undeniable. They even nicknamed it ‘The Beautiful Game’, you can find fans anywhere in the globe from Japan to America. But for certain European nations, football is not just a simple sport to watch and support, it’s a way of life. The highlight of football events is the FIFA World Cup, not only is it the most watched out of all but it offers the highest paying competition in any sport. Adding to its popularity is the fact that the game is easily accessible, almost everyone has kicked a soccer ball once in their lives.

Aside from the mentioned factors, football also has the most expensive sports TV right deals. Events broadcast in over 212 territories all over the world and with more than 5 billion people tuning in. BT Sports and SkySports has paid over £5.3 billion just to get the premier league rights. Football players are the highest paid players in the world, Messi and Ronaldo earn about £300,000 every week under their respective clubs.