An Introduction to the World of Cricket

Cricket is known to bring good luck in some countries especially in China and we are talking about the insect, not the actual game of cricket that you can watch on CPL live stream, crickets are used in games, just like two spiders fighting each other on a stick.

These insects are nocturnal and known to carry disease but it’s not harmful to humans, only a male cricket can chirp, and depending on the temperature they can chirp all day, and these insects are cold-blooded they eat small ants and even some small rodents can be a victim. They can multiply in a large amount and can reach up to 1,500 eggs hatchlings, these insects are also being sold in some countries especially in the region of southeast Asia. Cricket fights are being practiced for hundreds of years and it is still being practiced up to this day.

There are many types of crickets and to name some of them are Mormon crickets, weta crickets, Jerusalem crickets, trigonidiinae cricket (sword-tail cricket), Myrmecophagidae and the most common cricket is grilling and there’s many more. Some people are culturing these insects for there income source and for there personal fun. Just note if your culturing many crickets, you may want to consider separating those aggressive crickets, that’s attacking and killing those weak ones.

But in this recent technology innovation, there are programs on the internet that caters real cricket games and free cricket games, and on the real cricket game you can bet on the said online program, but this is only seasonal because it is being played for real, only a video stream is being played on the programs that you bet in.

There are buy-in rules if you want to bet on the cricket game, just like in poker that you need to buy in for a certain amount. On the other hand, there are free online cricket games, and you can play all day, but this is not accurate since it only uses animated graphics, you can find these games in free directory games, and I must say these are fun cricket games. There are also cricket races, that two or more crickets race to the finish line.

Some people already consider this as there sports because they earn a decent amount of money, but I say its a gamble since there are money and luck involved before you can engage in this kind of activity.

It’s really up to you whether you must engage in this kind of activity, but if you have the guts and money then I say you must try this game, because its really fun for past the time, and the thing is if you get lucky you earn money.