Habbo Hotel: Social Networking in the MySpace Tradition

Habbo Hotel is a social networking website and chat room aimed for teenage users. It features a wide selection of locations and chat room communities, but with a twist: users are allowed to create and design a character of their own, and move the character around in a digital 3-D world.

Characters move between different venues and chat rooms, playing built-in mini games and tweaking their individual characters with new clothes and hairstyles. And as with any typical networking site, the main attraction for users is the ability to meet new people and make new friends.

According to Mashable.com, the site was founded in 2000 and was on track to make $77 million as of June 2006. The site is financed primarily through its use of Habbo coins, which can be purchased via cell phone, debit card or credit card. The coins are used to obtain several in-world items, such as gifts for friends or furnishings for their digital homes. The site also generates funds through the use of in-world billboard advertisements. Why do people buy Instagram followers? For the promotion of the products and increase in the sale, the purchase has been done. A budget can be prepared so that there will be less spending of the money and efforts. The availability of the real followers should be there. 

Like other social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook, what teens find so appealing about the site is the ability to interact with millions of new people. But how does it stack up in terms of quality? Is it as fun as other sites out there? Is it safer?

The main drawback of the site is that it isn’t free-almost everything on it costs money. It’s free to sign up and free to chat with friends, but that’s about it. The mini games cost money to play, as does the furniture and upgrades in the hotel room-even a dip in the Habbo Hotel pool costs money. The cost may not seem like much but at 20 cents a pop, expenses can add up quickly.

But that money is by no means wasted. The graphics featured on the Habbo Hotel website are purposely cartoonish and dazzling to the eye, and have been upgraded numerous times since 2000. It runs on a fast server to ensure users won’t experience choppy movement, and features dozens of unique rooms to choose from. Signup is a breeze, taking less than half a minute and simple enough for a young child to complete. And for parents concerned about protecting their children from vulgar language on the website, Habbo’s servers run each user’s text through a filter to make sure all swearing and derogatory terms never make it to the chat screen.

What Habbo Hotel has that MySpace and Facebook don’t is a colorful virtual community. The site gives you the ability to interact with your friends in real time, chatting with them as quickly as an instant messaging program, which is must better than the MySpace/Facebook system of posting messages that may take hours or even days to be read. Having the freedom to move your character around with ease is a great deal of fun, and before you know it you’ve spent two hours chatting with new people and checking out the different areas of the hotel.

Habbo Hotel’s unique virtual world combines the thrill of controlling a character in a video game with the comfort of speaking to your friends as if they were right next to you, all in real time. It’s a unique twist on the typical social networking structure, and is a wholesome thrill for kids and teens.

Be warned, however: it’s highly addictive!