Details of Running Fred

Running Fred is not just a game where the player helps the avatar escape imminent death as best as they can, but there’s actually a small background story behind the character in the game. A game is not all that when it’s not mixed with stories and missions. Running Fred is the second installment of the game series, it follows Falling Fred while the third installment is Skiing Fred. Before you go and download the game, we want to introduce the entertaining little characters to you.

Richardson L. Frederick the Third

Such a long name! But he’s simply called Fred and he’s actually the protagonist of this whole game series. Running Fred revolves around his escape from the Grim Reaper’s manor. The entire game is loosely based on another mobile game called Temple Run; loosely because the basic idea and the running is all that’s copied, the terrain and challenges are original. Fred suffers from extreme panic disorder, you can even see his facial features when he’s hurt or incredibly scared; which is honestly a nice touch. We don’t exactly know how he got inside that manor, all we know is that he’s desperate to escape. Players can help Fred collect as many coins to purchase cool stuff, Skullies are also earned from time to time; Skullies are the special currency used in the store for all the coolest items.


Grimmy would be our main antagonist, the last person Fred would want to see or will see for that matter since she is the Grim Reaper; yes, Grimmy is a she so don’t get confused. Grimmy loves nothing but to chop away at anyone who intrudes into his manor. A scythe is her best friend and if you’re too slow then she will catch up with you.