Guided Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Whoever said that you can only go hunting alone? There are tons of guided hunts out there which legally involves the hunt of just about any kind of animal and a guide for spring snow goose hunts are no exception. Regarding the experience, guided tours won’t require you to be an expert so no need to worry about anything else. Out of all the companies or organizations that offer guided spring snow goose hunts, we’re recommending Northern Skies Outfitters and you can even visit their website to see what they offer, although we are going to give a brief introduction.

Northern Skies Outfitters


Being able to go on a spring snow goose hunt is an amazing experience in itself. You’re lucky if you witness their migration, you’ll be impressed with the skies covered with migrating geese and those on the land can stretch for miles on end. Northern Skies Outfitters aim to show all their clients just how amazing hunting can be and they’ll do absolutely everything to make it all happen.

What are Included in the Package?

The overall package will include a knowledgeable and professional guide, various decoys, blinds, calls and all the necessary equipment for the hunt. They highly recommend that you bring the following:

  • Weather appropriate clothing, you should bring clothing fit for just about any kind of weather condition; rain or shine.
  • Rubber boots that reach up to your knee and Gortex pants; spring fields can be unbelievable muddy and hunting through those conditions will be a lot comfortable if you manage to stay dry.
  • Shot gun and steel shot.
  • Cooler and some snacks.
  • A handy camera, just because you’re hunting doesn’t mean you can’t preserve moments with photographs.
  • 2 to 3 boxes of 12 g. 3-3 ½ BB a day.



  • 1 to 2 day hunt will cost you $235 a person for each day.
  • 3 days and more: $195 a person for each day.
  • Hunters aged 15 years and younger can hunt for free just as long as they’re with a private groups consisting of 6 other paid adults.
  • For any corporate fees, you should probably contact them.
  • If you’re going in groups, any number is welcome; groups that are small in number will be put together in order to fill a group.
  • Groups containing 6 or more members will be given a private field.

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