Some Helpful Details of the Seaside Residences Layout

People have various reasons why most people find a condo residence than other types of building structures to stay. The details of the Seaside Residences layout has been guaranteed highly efficient by the Frasers Centrepoint Homes as it gives highlight on it.

Most people have a keen attention to details and they initially check the floor plan and other related matters about it to ensure that it will never let them down. Discover how Seaside Residences impresses guests and residents by having a first glimpse of its layout.

The Generous Layout

Floor plans of this condo residence have been into ongoing stringent process of approval. The final and complete approval details will be soon available to all sources that introduce Seaside Residences.

Henceforth, the Seaside Residence layout has two major facings which are the Condo facing the Victor School and the Condo facing the East Coast park (Sea View).

For the first East Coast Park Condo facing, the site has been designed for full optimization of the frontal view of the sea. The minor concern is the rain trees that rest along the ECP expressway (East Coast Parkway) which lie between the coast line and the condo. These tress can be potential obstructions on sea view if the guests are on lower floors.

The second condo facing is on Victoria School which has approximately 6 floors excluding the roof. For those who wish for more peaceful school facing and an unblocked view, they should be staying on at least the eighth floor upwards in order to achieve enough buffer against school roof’s height.

This Seaside Residence layout is simply presented which will give emphasis on the things that will make the guests and residents feel more comfortable. As the management and developers continue polish the layout, then expect to come up with better results.