Tips for Organizing a Junk Drawer

Just because it is called a “junk drawer” doesn’t mean that it has to look junky and disorganized! Here are some steps to take to help you organize your junk drawer.

The first step in organizing your junk drawer is to dump it all out. Because junk drawers act as a “catch-all” for miscellaneous stuff that doesn’t really have anywhere else to go, they can quickly become filled to overflowing. Not only that but often times things get tucked away in a junk drawer that you don’t really need.

Once you have dumped out the drawer, start sorting through the contents. You’ll probably be surprised at some of the items that have somehow found their way into your junk drawer. As you are sorting through the items, try to decide if each thing you pick up is something you really need. During the sorting phase, you want to weed out as much of the true garbage or items that you will never use again as possible. And if there are just too many unnecessary items that are lying around then all you need is to get in touch with Philadelphia furniture removal service that will take care of that for you. With their efficient and quick service, you can rid of all the items that you no longer need really easily. 

As you’re sorting through the contents of the drawer you will probably also find things that actually belong somewhere else in your house but were tucked away into the junk drawer in haste one day long ago. Make a pile of these items and then before you move on to the next step of organizing your junk drawer take each of these items and put them away in the proper spot in your home.

Now that you’ve gotten everything out of your junk drawer that doesn’t belong there you will want to organize the remaining items. You should group the leftovers into piles that make sense to you. Perhaps glue in one pile, pencils in another, and items like screwdrivers in another. You can either group by item type, by use, or by size (long skinny items together, etc).

Before you put everything back in your junk drawer you will want to go out and find a drawer divider. Using a drawer divider will make keeping your junk drawer organized a piece of cake. If you don’t want to spend money on a drawer divider, you can also take old food boxes that are clean (i.e. cake boxes, noodle boxes, boxes that held tea bags, etc) and cut the top off them. You should cut them all down to the same height that fits easily inside your junk drawer without getting caught when you try to close the drawer.

Once you’ve got a selection of boxes, arrange them inside the drawer so they fit and you’ve got a homemade drawer organizer. Tip: After you arrange the boxes in the drawer so you know how they fit best, remember where they go and take them all out and glue them together with a hot glue gun where they touch. This will give you one solid piece that acts as a drawer organizer rather than a bunch of little boxes that can scoot around and get messy.

Whether you’ve gone with a pre-made drawer organizer or decided to make your own, the final step in organizing your junk drawer is to put everything back inside. Make sure everything fits nicely in the cubby you choose for it in your drawer organizer and that nothing is sticking up or poking out that could cause it to be difficult to open or close the drawer. Large items like hammers can be placed at the very back of the drawer behind the drawer organizer. You may also want to consider putting the items you use most often at the front of the drawer and those things that you use less often toward the back.

Once you have gotten everything put back inside your junk drawer all that is left to do is to kick back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Getting organized can feel great and can be a huge time saver. Try to keep your drawer organized by cleaning it out about once a month. Since you’ll have gotten the bulk of the items that don’t need to be in there cleaned out, maintaining your nice, clean, organized junk drawer should just take a couple of minutes a month.