Natural Remedies To Fight Hair Loss

Going the natural way to treat any problem is the best and safest way out as it appends least risk associated with the natural remedies. Here is the list on how to stop balding and regrow hair naturally.

Kitchen has in store of some natural remedies.  hair_loss11_1447844126

Juice of Onion:

The use of onion juice for treating hair loss is considered as the best and oldest home remedy. The onions have sulphur that activates the production of collagen in the tissues which leads to re-growth of hair. The obnoxious smell of the onions must not retract you to the extent that you give up on its easy to use, home-made remedy because the unpleasant smell goes off after the first wash. Cut two or three onions and grate it and then squeeze out its juice and apply it on your scalp. Leave it for about ten to fifteen minutes and then wash your head with a mild shampoo and you will see its magic. You can also use also use potato juice in place of onion

Cumin Seeds:

Cumin Seeds are enriched with many nutrients that take care of the health of the hair. If you apply the paste of cumin seeds, it will not only promote growth of hair but also give them a natural shine. Applying the paste of cumin seeds once a month would suffice.

Usage: Take two teaspoons of cumin seeds and soak them in half a cup of castor oil or olive oil. Soak them overnight. Apply the paste on the damaged areas the next morning and wash your hair after fifteen minutes using a mild shampoo.


It is enriched with nutrients like vitamin A, B, C, Calcium, iron, phosphorous, potassium. Potatoes are an effective remedy for preventing greying and dryness of hair, promoting hair growth. Squeeze one and half a cups of potato juice in a bowl. To this as add a teaspoon of honey, one egg yolk and some water and mix it together. Apply this mixture to damp hair and keep it for thirty minutes. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Applying this mixture once a week will be sufficient enough to strengthen and soften weak and dry hair.

Primrose oil or Blackcurrant oil:

It is believed that blackcurrant and evening primrose oil are unique remedies to treat hair loss. Both these oils are said to contain a significant fatty acid called gamma linoleic acid (GLA). GLA is very essential for maintaining healthy hair. It is recommended to take 500 mg of either of the oils, which are available as capsules or soft gels.

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