Carrageenan and Its Safety

If you are into the health kick, then you may have started checking out the various ingredients found in the usual pre-packaged food products you consume. One of the most popular ones would be carrageenan. Carrageenan is one of the most common additives found in many popular food products many consume. Today, there are many people who have posted or shared about the fact that it may be dangerous for your health, with them claiming that it causes dangerous side effects and that it’s known as a carcinogen. It’s got many people boycotting any product that contains it because of the health scare! But is it truly dangerous? In this article, we show you what carrageenan is and if it is safe to consume.

What is Carrageenan?

Carrageenan is an additive found in seaweed. It is the reason why you have the gel consistency of many food products. Mostly found in dairy, this is a common additive to help preserve the lifespan of food as well. You find it in milk, cottage cheese, as well as baby food and packaged turkey. It has been used for centuries now, with people using it during the ancient times as a remedy for coughs.

Like mentioned, many people have claimed that it is a dangerous substance that holds many side effects. But is it truly something that cannot be consumed?

The short answer here is NO! Carrageenan is something you will be able to consume without worry, as it holds no nutritional value or any other side effect that can affect your health in a bad way.

In Conclusion

Checking ingredients for the sake of your health? Then you may have come across carrageenan! While it isn’t a substance that holds no nutritional value, it isn’t something dangerous to consume as well, so long as it is in moderation.