Best Vape Shops In New York

Vaping is incredibly cool nowadays. With vape shops sprouting up every corner in New York City you may be wondering which vape shop you should check out next. Vape shops range from well-stocked retails to cozy cool lounges. Here are some of the finest NY vape shop where you can buy some of the most recent vape gears and also with some really nice flavors.

  1. Cloud99 Vapes.

With over two hundred and fifty flavors and more than fifty lines, Cloud99 Vapes is a joint you should check out. More so the shop is spotless clean with good management. Candy flavors are more common here but that doesn’t mean that you will miss some flavors such as cannbidiol, which takes you to the next level.

Though more retail, this is a shop where you can vape for free as you chill out. Here you can also a few of the newest juice flavors.

  1. Vape NY

Vape NY is the spot to check if you are seeking to quit heavy smoking. The staff here are very knowledgeable and they usually are more than willing to help you chose a combination that works perfectly for you. All their juices are made in an FDA registered lab hence you can be sure of clean products.

VapeYa is actually one of the coolest vape shops. Expect a lounge with a barlike counter, neon lights and a DJ booth. Also it’s a perfect place if you are seeking to do away with cigarettes. The experienced staff and owner will help you along the way.

  1. Beyond Vape.

Open for more than two years, beyond Vape has earned the reputation, with the regular clients including lawyers. More so for house juices, you buy one and get one free.


The joints above are some of the best NY vape shop around. Don’t fail to check one out.