Anti-Aging: Putting Your Best Face Forward

Most of us would like to capture that youthful glow that we once had in our younger days but have decided that we don’t really want to pay for all the expensive creams and gimmicks on the market today. There are some relatively inexpensive techniques you can do at home on a daily basis to try and and maintain a youthful smooth looking skin. Facial reflexology can be a great benefit and can revitalize the skin naturally. By honing in on specific trigger points of the face you can provide yourself a sense of relaxation and a reduction in wrinkles by increasing the circulation in that specific area. This can be a quick and easy self massage routine that you can easily include in your beauty regiment. Press on the areas you would like to target and massage in a circular upward motion for about 30 seconds.

Maintaining a natural organic and wholesome diet is also a great addition in preventing wrinkles and diminishing the signs of age that can creep up on you. Eating a balanced diet of vegetables and fruit can really strengthen your immune system which in turn can slow down the aging process. The Acai Berry is a berry that is naturally found in the Brazilian rain forest. This small berry contains some great anti-aging properties that contain a power pack of antioxidants. It gives the body energy and helps fight free radicals which we encounter in our environment on a daily basis. Acai berry is available in smoothie drinks or natural frozen pulp. Check out your local grocery store or peruse the Internet if you’re interested in ordering this product. The Acai berry phenomenon has taken the Internet by storm and is also used in combination with weight loss. This delicious berry is not only pleasing to the palate and has a chocolatey flavor but is also good for us. What more could one ask for?

It is important to cleanse your face on a daily basis to remove and wash away any oils and dirt from the day. Try not to scrub around the eye area as this is a sensitive area of the face and do not use the cleansers with added scents or chemicals. The skin does not respond well to harsh additives that are found in most cosmetics today. Exfoliating the skin also removes dead skin cells on the surface which will help to brighten and improve a dull complexion. It is best to let your skin rehydrate and rejuvenate during the night so try and find a great moisturizer to apply after you cleanse. When applying your daytime moisturizer find one that contains an good SPF factor to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Ultra violet rays from the sun can definitely be a factor in premature aging. Treat yourself to a home facial once once a week. This will not only be relaxing but can help alleviate stress. In addition, you should also take some vitamins like Nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a very simple buy important molecule in our body.

Oil’s such as Jasmine and Neroli are two of the most powerful antioxidant serum’s and are very repairing to the skin. These oils are commonly used a lot in conjunction with facials as they can be smoothed on the neck and chest area as well. In addition to soothing the skin these oils also improve the skin’s elasticity factor. As we age our skin loses a great majority of its elasticity properties and that is when we see those wrinkles and fine lines start to form. Organic products work well on the face as they are non-abrasive and fragrance free. Natural is the best way to go and your face will thank you. You’ll then be able to reap the rewards by sporting a youthful looking smooth face.