Too Fat vs Too Skinny: Which is Worse?

You’re walking down the street, just walking normally, like a normal everyday person, quietly and humbly, yet you are the center of attention. People point and jeer at you, yet no one laughs as there are too horrified at your ghastly image. You are thin, very thin, anorexic thin. You can count every single 206 bones of your body without taking over the coat of skin and muscle. Wait, what muscle? You have barely any muscle left as you have wasted them all.

You get back home to look at your family in disgust. They are eating. Eating! Eating is forbidden in your world. It is taboo. Cross the line and you’ll be big, and, in the rulebook that ruins your mind, big equals bad. You eat so little every day it’s probably worse than starvation. The body savors food, it wants it so desperately yet you refuse to give in. You want to be thin, and when you’re already thin it isn’t good enough. You want to be thinner, skinnier than a stick figure, because thin people are always beautiful, or so you think.

You always count calories. You count them every second of your life, doing little pointless calculations in your head over and over and over again. 50 calories in that apple, too much! I’ll just eat the skin where all the vitamins are, wait that is still too many calories. I’ll eat half the skin and throw the rest of the apple to my dog. It is ghastly. You are restricted. Restricted from eating, from being happy, from being let loose. Calories are what you think all day long. If I eat this apple now, I can’t eat anything till Dinner time, and even then I can only eat a quarter of whatever is on my plate. Life is hard, yet to be thin, to be beautiful you have to make sacrifices. This is where Jack in the box keto is really handy, as you try to control your calorie intake. 

After eating, you run up and exercise. Whatever exercise you can get. You are always on the move. Moving = Exercise = Losing more weight = Being more beautiful. That is the golden rule that is ruining your life, yet you dare not disobey. You do situps on the floor, but you think you have miscounted, so you start all over again from 1. After that, you run out to the park and run 10 laps. Wait did I do 9 or 10? Better redo them all. Redo, revise, re-attempt. Re this Re that. As long as you are beyond certain you have done what you have achieved will then you will only be satisfied.

Diet diet diet. Exercise exercise exercise. Diet diet diet. Exercise exercise exercise. The continuous pattern runs forever as you continue to lose weight and slowly become thinner, and thinner. Society demands you to be thin. Society is king. No matter how ghastly, how evil, how cruel, uncaring, abandoning, or misleading the monster like society is, if it wants you to do something, to be someone you’re not, you have to do it, no arguing. You are too weak to stand up and say no.

You start to distance yourself away from others, making excuses not to go out just so you can exercise in secret. You are restricted, lonely, and desperate. You are anorexic, the other end of the weight spectrum. It’s not so pretty, is it?