The Best And Cheap E-Liquid Brands

E-Liquid which is also known as e-juice is a liquid whose prices have been becoming more and more expensive over the years. The prices have surpassed and become expensive as one dollar per milli litre. Even though certain e-liquids are much expensive they have a fantastic taste. But not every individual is able to afford any of theses high priced vape juices.

But still there are some alternatives of cheap e liquid available. These e-liquids will do a similar job but on a budget. The 5 best and cheapest available e-juice brands have been mentioned below.

  1. Vista Vapours:

Vista Vapours is one of the e-juice brands which have gained the reputation of being one of the fantastic alternative cheap e-juice brands to have available. The base price for a 32 ml bottle begins from $7.49 and the customers have a choice available for purchasing bottles up to 102ml. There are even 8 different nicotine options available which will boost and add flavour.

  1. Vape Craft:

For a great and fantastic taste, Vape Craft has also been established as one of the leading brands for a cheaper alternative of e-liquid. A 120ml bottle will cost for just $15 consisting of a variety of flavours. The favourites include Strawberry Milk, OMG SO GOOD and Nectar Custard.

  1. Mt Baker Vapor:

Mt Baker is renowned for its cheap prices and unique flavours. Some of the flavours are Thug Sauce, Moo Juice and Hawk Sauce. A 30ml bottle will start ranging from $7.99 and any orders above $50 are provided free shipping. So if a cheaper alternative for e-juice needs to be tried on a budget, then Mt. Baker needs to be considered.

  1. Chinese e-liquid brands: Hangsen and Dekang

Both these Chinese brands; Hangsen and Dekang are quoted as “Dirt Cheap e-juice.” Though their flavours are just single and natural, they are probably the cheapest available e-juices in the market. A 50ml bottle of e-juice will begin at $3. The main advantage of this liquid is that no money will be wasted.

  1. Zamplebox e-liquid subscription:

When it comes to e-juice subscription services, Zamplebox is considered as a well-known and popular e-juice brand available in the market. Per millilitre, Zamplebox is considered as the cheapest e-liquid service available. The subscription boxes rates are as follows;

  • Silver: 3 Bottles (30-50ml) ranges from $19.99,
  • Gold: 6 Bottles (60-100ml) is $24.99,
  • Platinum: 11 Bottles (120-180ml) is $44.99.