Why Drinking Coffee is Healthy

An apple each morning may keep your good doctor away, but a cup of coffee can prep you up to that mental alertness level you have always wanted, keeping you on the go. Because coffee is linked with the word ‘ caffeine, ‘ not so much good thing is known about your favorite morning brew. People have always been on the lookout for a miracle pill that can lower one’s risk of diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, headaches, and even cavities. Guess what? You may not have found that pill yet, but you can simply get all of these health benefits with a freshly brewed coffee that fills you with its aromatic scent. To get this all you need is to get in touch with the best coffee supplier Singapore and see for yourself the benefits of drinking coffee. 

Is it too good to be true? You may have to think again. Researchers from Harvard have found out that having one to three cups of caffeinated coffee every day can reduce one’s risk of diabetes. But having more than this has escalated the risk levels up to 54 percent in men and 30 percent in women. Therefore, like any good stuff, moderation is the key to enjoying the health benefits of your favorite coffee blend. It is even intriguing that athletes find a boost in their performance and endurance from the caffeine in coffee. Coffee, then, helps stimulate the brain and nerves to work extra and simply do away with fatigue. Unlike steroids that are completely illegal and dangerous for the use of athletes during a game, coffee just enhances all the positive aspects of an energized body.

On the other hand, coffee is not for everyone. Even if there are studies that show how kids who drink a cup of coffee stay mentally awake and perform well in school, results on children are still inconclusive. Coffee may be a good mood and energy booster, but it can also wreak havoc to one’s health by increasing anxiety, hand tremors, or heartbeat. For those who have a history of high cholesterol, they may do well to avoid coffee which can contribute to the clogging of arteries. This is why many pregnant women, those with heart diseases, or people with osteoporosis are told to limit or skip their coffee addiction.

For those who are enjoying normal health, coffee can be great in reducing your risk of:

  1. Cancer

Coffee may actually contain anti-oxidants that help fight cancer. Research shows that coffee drinkers are less likely to acquire cancer than their non-drinking counterparts.

  1. High Blood Pressure

Unlike popular belief, coffee doesn’t increase your risk for high blood pressure if you drink moderately.

  1. High Cholesterol

When your coffee is brewed using a paper filter, it captures cholesterol-raising substances such as Kahweol and Cafestol, making it safer for you to enjoy a cup. For those who don’t, their risk increases. Also, contrary to the popular myth, decaffeinated coffee increases more your chances of getting high cholesterol levels due to the type of coffee bean used.

  1. Diabetes

There is exactly no difference whether you drink coffee or not when it comes to your risk of getting diabetes. On the other hand, coffee may just contain a substance that helps lower sugar levels and increase metabolism rate – both of which are great in the fight against diabetes.

  1. Parkinson’s Disease

It may not sound fair, but when it comes to this malaise, male coffee drinkers are better protected than women. Women’s estrogen levels may be a major reason why men have a reduced risk of getting Parkinson’s when they drink coffee.

Coffee indeed has a lot to offer in the future and modern medicine is slowly discovering its many mysteries. Drinking coffee can even help you fight bacteria that cause dental cavities. Though it may stain your teeth a bit, you’ll be glad to have stronger teeth for a super smile. If you are not just a coffee person, you may always choose natural energy drinks that will make you feel alive, alert, awake, and enthusiastic each day. Drink to Health!