How to Make Fragrant and Relaxing Massage Oils

Massage oils, can be used for massage or as body oil for elbows and feet. You can use them to relax or ease aches of exercise. Learn more about the various mixes here Keep them in dark bottles.

You can make a luxurious body oil good for massaging into feet and elbows as follows:

1 cup sweet almond oil

½ cup jojoba or hazelnut oil or 50% of each.

2 Tbls. Apricot kernal oil.

A few drops of essential oil (optional)

Some nice blends I like include using a mix of carrot, lavendar, and sweet basil or sweet basil, geranium, and lemongrass, Other blends could be lemon and lavendar or peach and cinnamon.

Here is a Pregnancy oil. This helps protect against stretch marks.

½ cup sweet almond oil

½ cup apricot kernal oil

½ cup coconut oil

½ cup calendula oil

Essential oil. (optional)

Combine the oils together keeping in mind that it should be stored in dark bottles. Remember, not all essential oils are safe for pregnant women and babies so stick to fruit oils. In the pregnancy, the diet of the females should be healthy and lean. For providing the benefits of lean diet, the consumption of the pills available at can be done. The body of the person will remain fit and mental health will be good. 

A Deep tissue oil for massage

Massages therapists use blends like this because they stay liquid until they are able to work them into the muscle tissue.

Try this mix.

1 cup sweet almond oil

¾ cup apricot kernal oil

2/3 cup grapeseed oil

2 tbls safflower oil

and use essential oils I you like.

Combine all ingredients into a sealable bottle. Turn the bottle about a dozen times to mix. Apply at the room temperature or slightly warmed.

Here is a sports rub.

1 cup sweet almond oil

½ cup sunflower oil

3 tbls calendula oil

and 8 drops each of peppermint, wintergreen, and eucalyptus oils. Combine with the oils and place in a stoppered bottle and turn over to mix well. Massage into stiff or sore muscles for an invigorating rub down.

Essential oils like lavender are good for healing and relaxing, rose is good for skin, camomile is good for healing and relaxing and Lily of the Valley is good for relaxing into a hypnotic state. Other good scents for men ar cedar, balsam and vanilla.

Children and teens prefer fruity blends that have few healing properties and women sometimes prefer florals like rose and lavendar, especially older women. Honey and oatmeal are also good natural additives to soaps.

I hope your interest is peaked and you will research different natural spa quality treatments for use in the home to save money and pamper yourself. Or you could invite a friend or two over for a girls night of pampering without the added expense of lots of expensive concoctions that are not as effective. For example, to treat under eye dark circles, put some vitamin e oil under your eyes and see vast improvement, versus buying a similar “vitamin E” treatments at The Body Shop.