Warcraft: Creep Camp Tactics

When a mission begins, everyone on the field starts at the same level, and to raise your hero level and gain an advantage, you will want to take out the creep camps near your base. This is almost similar to situs roulette online where the player has to develop a strategy for his game and start building his tactics to climb the chart. This can be an issue because no matter what race you are, everyone will have to begin with a level-one hero. A level-one hero is weak at first and only has one power option to use.

Micro is your best friend because it will help you overcome otherwise insurmountable odds. This is a technique used to take out three or more creeps with one hero and maybe one or two offensive units. The way that micro works is really simple and is easy to get used to. If you are attacking a creep camp and one of your units is about to expire, then select that unit and move them away from the attack while the other units and the hero continue to attack the creeps. Once the creeps stop attacking the weak unit and begin to attack the remaining units, you can pull the weak unit back into the fight.

This will spread the damage from attacks across all of your units and your hero, giving you a slight advantage over the creeps and allowing you to focus an attack on one of the creep units. Focused attacks will take out a creep unit faster than attacking the entire camp with an unfocused attack. Once the fight turns to your favor, you can successfully take over the creep camp and enjoy the spoils, such as power ups, tomes and whatever the creeps were guarding, such as a store or health/mana well.

This tactic will allow you to power up and level up your hero. Once this has taken place, you will get a small amount of gold from each creep you terminate. This will help you create more units and continue on to the next creep camp. You might even gain health power ups and other useful items that the creeps will drop when they are dispatched by your units. The most important thing to remember is to keep all of your units alive, even if only by a small margin, because over time, your units will slowly heal and you might get lucky and take over a health well to completely heal your complement of units and your hero.

Another great way to take over a creep camp is to use towers. The only catch to this is that the Undead can’t build anything unless it is on blighted ground. All other races can build on any type of terrain. The best way to try this is to build just out of the creep camp range and then once construction is complete, you can attack the creep camp and force them to chase you to the towers you built. This is a useful tactic if you only have a hero and no units. You can defeat a less-skilled player with only a hero if you are fast enough. This tactic also allows you to upgrade all of your buildings and gain a lot of gold and wood while taking over most of the map.

The tower tactic works best at camps that have flying creatures. When nightfall comes, the creatures will go to sleep and allow you to build right next to them without waking them up. If you try this at a creep camp that does not have flying creatures, the creeps will wake up and destroy the towers before you have a chance to complete the construction. On a particular map, there is a health well and two gold mines in the center. If you can take over the health well with three or four towers, then you pretty much own the center of the map and the two gold mines there. Once this has been accomplished, you will have a high-level hero, plenty of gold and the balance will be well into your favor after the first night cycle.