Various Neopets Dailies

Just a quick overview, Neopets is basically a game where you get to create a virtual pet and take care of the pet. It’s not like other games where there are sets of objectives that you need to accomplish; these can be stressful at times. Neopets is a kind of game that lets you chill around; there are no definite objectives, although the users are expected to take good care of their pets. Of course you can purchase items and accessories to enhance the appearance of your pet or you can try Neopets Dailies.

Neopets Dailies

As stated in the name, daily is the exact term that they gave to certain places in the world of Neopets where the visitor or the pet owner can visit for free items; these places can only be visited once a day, thus the name. Take note that items are not the only prize available, there are also Neopoints and various other free stuff. Basically, there are two different kinds of dailies available: the chance events and freebies. In chance events there are free gambles available, here the user might potentially get nothing in return but they also have the chance to win amazing prices.

Before you think about exerting some effort in creating numerous accounts in order to access a lot more Dailies, then don’t. Users are only allowed to visit the Dailies once a Day and by doing this you will violate the terms and conditions set by Neopets. Once you’re discovered your account and all the other accounts you created will be frozen.

Common Dailies

When you try Neopets Dailies, you can receive free Neopoints, items and food. Dailies vary in place and item that you can receive but below are to most common ones:

  • National Neopian Bank (free Neopoints) – the National Neopian Bank or commonly called The National Neopian is the only bank in Neopia, it’s based in Neopia Central. Users can basically store some or all their points in the bank in order to keep them safe from random events.
  • Underwater Fishing (free items) – a fishing game that you can visit at a cave in Old Maraqua, it gives the users an opportunity to fish for free items. The items that a user receives is random but as your pet’s fishing skill increases, the items that you fish out also become better and better.