There’s A Zombie Infestation In Wow!

Yesterday marked a terrible day in World of Warcraft’s Azeroth – an infestation, brought on by infected crates shipped from the dead city of Andorhal (dead because of, well…zombies?). The announcement was made official via a blue post on the official World of Warcraft website; that is significantly different in terms of gaming category that we have on Judi Online Terpercaya. You’ll notice WoW zombies wandering everywhere – the streets of Goldshire, the deserts of Tanaris, even the hallowed halls of Ironforge or Ogrimmar! No one in the World of Warcraft is safe from the plague, even WoW NPCs can become infected and attack you to eat….your….brains.

Okay, we all know this is one of those amazingly cool world events that Blizzard loves to throw at it’s players every now and then in World of Warcraft. This one is especially fun, as you gain all kinds of advantages as a zombie – including the ability to pass the zombie infection to entire towns of World of Warcraft NPCs, other WoW players, and talk with other zombies REGARDLESS of their faction. That’s right – Alliance and Horde united in zombie-hood can chat, group, and adventure together. And best of all, as a WoW zombie you can trade with other WoW zombies – regardless of original faction. Time to stock up on those World of Warcraft faction specific items (pets are hot right now because of the pet achievement) and get ready to rake in some serious WoW golds.

You will also gain special Zombie powers and no, I’m not going to list them here – you’ll have to become a zombie and join one of the many WoW zombie armies forming all over Azeroth to discover them.

If you’d prefer to go about your normal World of Warcraft business and not bother with zombie-hood, there are ways to avoid being turned into a zombie. First – well, avoid the zombies. Easy in a place that isn’t infected, but a lot more challenging in any of the major World of Warcraft cities. Assuming you get infected, there are 2 ways to get rid of the infection. First is find a class (paladin or priest) who has a ‘cure disease’ effect and is willing to cure you, or speak with one of the “Argent Dawn Healers” in the World of Warcraft major faction cities. If you can’t accomplish either of these, then in 10 minutes, you’ll turn into one of the many other WoW zombies and your only ‘cure’ is death – which should be easy enough to accomplish since you’re armor rating has more or less dropped to nil and every WoW NPC (regardless of faction) will regard you as an enemy and attempt to slay you immediately.

No word on how long the WoW zombie infestation will last, but a it is safe guess that it will end with the conclusion of the WoW event, Hallow’s End. However, it’s entirely possible it will continue on until World of Warcraft releases the expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, on November 13. Either way, enjoy your brain munching while you can!