Myspace Application Games: Mobsters, Dragon Wars, Mafia Wars, Vampires, Pirates, Heroes, Gangsters

Myspace, like a few other social network sites, has small java based applications to while away your casual time. One of the most popular apps are games. Like Mobsters, Dragon Wars, Mafia Wars, Vampires, Pirates, Heroes, Gangsters, etc.

These games are very similar in function and all have a different genre. If you haven’t seen any of these games before, they are browser based, so it means it will run and operate inside your preferred web browser and there are no additional items to download. You complete tasks to gain money and battle against other opponents using various weapons. You also add people from your friends list to grow the size of your faction to help battle opponents better.

To see a more detailed example, read my article here about the game application called Vampires

Here is a quick run down of the Good, the Bad, and the down right ugly.

The Good

These games can be a great way to while away a few minutes on your computer. You can also have fun with your friends you have on your list with battling other opponents (in a friendly manner). You can send messages and create bulletins of your accomplishments.

Being a type of casual game you can play as little or as often as you like.

You can actually play these games without friends and have fun on your own, but you do get much more rewards for having your friends play with you by joining.

Some of these game are having more or interesting features added to them, Dragon Wars recently changed and added new quests so some quests now will drop a ‘magical item’ that are slightly better than some weapons you can obtain in your armory. For example, in the armory, you can purchase a short sword, but in the ‘Banish Skeleton’s From The Graveyard’ quest, at random times doing the quest, a short sword + 1 will drop and it is yours.

The Bad

A lot of the time I have seen some problems develop with some of the games. For example I opened one I play called Vampires one day and found I had no blood in my bank. I don’t know where it went and hopefully the glitch will be fixed.

Also, on occasion, the games will be down for maintenance, for bug fixing or adding new features. Don’t fear as I have seen these usually not occur longer than 30 minutes. If you have seen this occur for longer periods let me know by putting in a comment below.

Each game has it’s own little idiosyncrasies. Where I can complete a mission on one game as I have 5 people in my list (including myself) another game will not allow me to complete a mission as it does not count myself as a member if I only have 5. Sometimes the game will not operate on first connection and you will need to refresh the page to have it load properly. On occasion, you will complete one function and the page will take a long time to refresh. Yes frustrating indeed.

As I have seen, all of these games have a FAQ page you can read and also a support page. If you are experiencing major issues with the game, send the developer an email and if that person receives enough information from many about the same problem or issue. At least they know so they can look for a solution.

The Ugly

Whilst these games are simple, easy to play and are casual fun, I have seen some horrific events unfold.

I have seen messages from people that have let these games literally take over their lives, they spend a lot their available time to do nothing but play these. If you are one that is working, spending time with family or friends, or simply doing things other than using the computer and you cannot stop thinking about getting back and just having one more go…STOP. You are becoming addicted ! Their is more to life than being cooped up playing games all the time.

Give yourself a break and please don’t let these games take over your life. Goodness thats all they are, ‘casual’ games.

I have also seen messages that are down right just disturbing, some people are taking these games to seriously and will message back and forth between one another because one person did this to them and did not like it, so a word war will occur between two or more parties. Crikey, its only a game and games are supposed to be fun, a form of entertainment!

Numerous bulletin boards, forums, messages and the like abound about the Internet on how to ‘cheat’ and dramatically increase your levels, stats, points, etc. I personally do not see the point. Why cheat and take short cuts on trying to be top dog. Back to what I suggested earlier, these are games and games are meant to be fun. You simply take out the reason for playing and thats because they are supposed to be challenging whilst entertaining.

It hasn’t happened to me, but more and more people are being abusive on social networks with their friends list because said friends do not want to join you in your game at and can also download them even with a slow connectivity of internet; that can be done via computer or Smartphone with a ease. Again, people have different tastes and will not always want to do what you are doing. There are more than sufficient places to find extra friends who will play and join with you. Just do a search on the Internet.


Enjoy these games (in moderation) have fun and if you are leaving a comment below (or on another of my articles) and you would like to be added as a friend to one of these games, I will add you. It is the least I can do for those showing support for these articles.