How To Become A Chess Champion

If you have always envied chess players who have made it big, this article has some insightful tips on how to become a champion. Well, being a champion does not come on a silver platter, you have to put in time, preparation, enthusiasm, and dedication. Let’s get you started.

Lean the moves

Each chess piece has a specific way of movement.

  • A pawn moves straight ahead one step at a time and attacks on an angle.
  • A knight moves in an L-shaped movement.
  • Bishop moves at an angle more than one square at a time
  • Rook moves any way in a straight line (forward, backward, left, right)
  • The queen moves in any direction, any number of squares
  • The king moves in any direction one square at a time

Always open with a pawn

A pawn can only move two squares forward only on the first (opening) move. Take advantage of this move to open the pathway for your bishops and queen who move on an angle.

Play with your knights and bishops

Before making any move with the queen, make sure that your knights and bishops are somewhere at the center of the board. They are your best attack mechanism.

Watch every opponent’s move

Always think of your opponent’s last move on your turn. Have your own plan and look at all your possibilities. Always double check your moves before you make them to make sure you are not leaving anything unprotected.

Avoid wasting time

Making too many moves with pawns is considered wasting time. Try to avoid this and also try to pick as much of your opponent’s pawns as possible.

Do an early castling

This is the only time when you can move more than one piece at a time. Here, the king moves two squares towards the rook while the rook to the other square on the king’s other side. The earlier the castling is done, the better. Visit for more tips.