3 New Sports Nutrition Products to Fuel Your Racing Season

Are you looking forward to try your hands (read limbs) at racing? It could be that you are fond of racing-themed BandarQ and you have finally decided to test your stamina in the real world. That’s great and here is a brief on the three new sports nutrition products to fuel your racing season.

Muir Energy

These are powerful gourmet energy gels which are made with 6 vegan and organic ingredients. You can choose from fast-burning and slow-burning flavors as per your preferences. However, the Red Raspberry fast-burning flavor is their all-time favorite. Each of the gel packets comprises of 115 to 150 calories along with 290 to 350 mg potassium. If you need some extra kick, you may try out the strong Mate flavors that are made with extracts of Yerba Mate and contains 90 mg caffeine.

Maurten Drink Mix

You will get 160-calorie packets here that assures high dose of fructose and maltrodextrin which altogether infuse 39g carbs in your body. The drink is based on a patent-pending technology which transports water to intestine through conversion of “hydrogel” in stomach. The drink dissolves fast and you will love its sweet light taste.


Do you know beets can amplify endurance performance? Well, yes, and there are several studies to confirm it. Thus, Beet’ums has come up with a pack of beet-infused chews which will deliver all the amazing nutritional benefits of having the said vegetable. These include better production of NO in the body, improvement in blood flow, better oxygen delivery as well as higher energy. The entire pack is very economical. Each of the chews has been wrapped individually and assures a fast hit of healthy calories (35/chew) and 6 grams of carbs. You may take them with water for solid mid-race energy or strong pre-race boost.