Strategy Guide for World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is an iconic, surface MMO that, more than 15 years after its inception, continues to occupy many evenings and weekends. World of Warcraft is a jack of all trades, with amazingly raids, varied, fun tasks, and large, experimental expansions that take bold chances, where some of the best MMOs excel at only a few things. Take, for example, Shadowlands: This next expansion will include an unending, roguelike-style dungeon that changes every time you visit it. However, even for lapsed users, stepping back into World of Warcraft in 2020 can be scary after years of additions and so much history to brush up on. Fortunately, the procedure has recently been simplified. In either case, before Blizzard’s next major expansion, this World of Warcraft newbies guide will assist you in taking your initial steps in Classic or retail. You can also check this wow player count.

There’s a lot to think about when you first start playing World of Warcraft, but not everything has to be done right once. Take your time and enjoy the journey; World of Warcraft isn’t just about getting there. It’s a hobby that, if you enjoy it enough, you can find yourself returning to for hundreds of hours over the years. Take your time. Blizzard made significant adjustments to how leveling characters works for the upcoming Shadowlands expansion as part of the October 2020 WoW: Shadowlands pre-patch, making it faster and more enjoyable to level new characters. According to Blizzard, the new methods would reduce the time it takes to reach maximum by around 30%.

It’s a little unfair that the most difficult decisions in World of Warcraft are the ones you’ll have to choose first. You’ll want to choose a server, faction, race, and class to play before you can do anything else. Unfortunately, it can take dozens of hours before you recognize one isn’t right for you. Choose a server that has a medium or high community during the hours you’ll be playing each day. Avoid ‘New Player’ and ‘Maximum’ population servers; you want a server with a strong, established population that isn’t clogged up with login waits.