How to Find a Top-Quality Fragrance

When selecting the perfect scent it can be difficult to decipher which scents are going to be top quality and which scents are going to leave you wanting for more. Here is a buyer’s guide for the 6 most important factors to look at when seeking out that perfect perfume that goes with your cosmetica.

  • Tenacity

The tenacity in a perfume is the amount of time that it lasts on you on a given day without needing reapplication. Perfumes that are not of high quality will lose the vibrancy of their scent within 15-20 minutes of wear, whereas high-quality scents will not need reapplication more than two times per day. While the scent might change, due to the notes in the perfume emitting different smells over the course of a day, the scent itself should not fade.

  • Amount

Less is more. Especially when it comes to perfume. If you have to use more than two sprays anywhere on your body it’s an indication that the perfume you have isn’t of the highest quality. Quality perfume doesn’t require quantity in the application.

  • Freshness

The high-quality perfume will remain fresh for much longer durations than the shelf life of cheaper fragrances. High-quality fragrances have a shelf life of over a year, whereas low grade or low-quality fragrances will only last a few months before their scent turns sour or bitter.

  • Personality

The best indication of having a top-quality fragrance is to note how that fragrance makes you feel about yourself. It might sound silly, but the fragrance is tied more into emotion than logic, and high-quality scents will have an uplifting effect on your mood, more so than low-quality scents. It’s important to discover a perfume’s unique personality and to note that perfume smells differently on different people.

  • Skin Sensitivity

Top-quality fragrances will be formulated for safe use on all skin types. This is not to say that certain ingredients found in any perfume might not cause skin irritation, however, when purchasing high-quality scents you will find the likelihood for these irritants much less common and much less frequent.

  • Essential oils

Just as with anything else you might put on your body, it’s important to read the ingredients. Perfumes and colognes that are made with essential oils are much better quality than those with different scents haphazardly slapped together. Scents that are derived from essential oils will last longer and have a much more potent smell with small applications. This is a sure fire way to distinguish a good fragrance from a poor one.

Finding the perfect scent takes time and trial and error. It typically doesn’t happen on the first few tries, but once you have found that perfect scent you will love it for a lifetime.