La Mill Coffee In Los Angeles

La Mill Coffee in Los Angeles not only teases one’s palate throughout the day with their ที่บดกาแฟเหล็กหล่อ ตั้งโต๊ะ and delicious coffee, but they are obsessed with their coffee, which means that customers can count on the best cup of coffee on the planet. At La Mill Coffee in Los Angeles, don’t expect an ordinary cup of java or tea, because that is not what you will experience.

And that is the keyword at Lamill Coffee – experience. La Mill Coffee in Los Angeles is an experience into the world of the most sumptuous gourmet coffee, teas, and chocolates on the west coast.

The difference in La Mill Coffee and all of the other java establishments in the city of Angeles is the fact that it is a privately held company that focuses primarily on coffee, and they do it well. As they so proudly put it they are “consumed by coffee.” For those of us who can’t start the day, or attend a business meeting without that perfect cup of coffee, you will delight in the perfection of the product offered at La Mill Coffee.

If you own a business establishment and are interested in carrying La Mill Coffee in your business, you should contact the La Mill Coffee Wholesale Department. The best equipment is offered with which to serve the La Mill Product to ensure customers benefit from the perfection of the experience of La Mill Coffee. La Mill Coffee offers a five-point touchstone for their Coffee Care Program, which includes the customer using premium beans, a customized water filtration system, brewing and extracting equipment, certified training, and monthly equipment services provided by La Mill’s well-trained technicians.

At La Mill Coffee your choices are many as you select from their premium brand of coffee beans. Selections include the following: The Islands, Specialty Blends, Specialty Roasts, Decafs, Coffee Samplers, Organic Coffee, African, and the Americas. Prices vary according to the selection, for instance from the African Coffee Beans La Mill Coffee offers Kenya AA Fancy, which retails for $12.95 per pound, whereas the Ethiopia Harrar Horse retails for $11.95 per pound. Specialty Blends such as Midnight Jazz retail for $11.95 per pound for whole beans and Black Velvet retails for $12.95 per pound for whole beans.

Though coffee is the specialty at La Mill Coffee they also offer a wide array of excellent teas carrying over 30 blends. La Mill Coffee in Los Angeles has won awards for two of their ice tea blends, those being the Passionberry and the Crimsonberry ice teas. The Ice Tea Blends at La Mill Coffee retail for approximately $8.20 per pound.

La Mill Coffee is located at 1112 Westminister Avenue in the Alhambra area of Los Angeles. For more information on La Mill Coffee call 626 202-0100 or visit the Web site today. Customer inquiries may be referred to as