Three No-Cash-Investment Home Businesses

You need to start a part-time side business because you have no money. You can’t do it without investing money. There are other options for which you only need your computer to write with, your telephone, a notebook for elementary record-keeping, and your time.

Teen Job Broker. Set yourself up as the “go to” man or woman when it comes to jobs for teenagers. You run down grass mowing jobs, leaf raking, fence repair, attic cleaning, and other jobs that teens can handle, and distribute them to the teens you have signed up with your service. Put a cheap classified ad in the paper, index card ads on bulletin boards in laundromats, in church bulletins, etc. Charge a 20% fee Take appropriate precautions to avoid being stiffed, but it tends to be self-enforcing….if you are stiffed, they won’t get any more jobs. Your only investment is the classified ad, maybe some fliers, and some time. Print up your own business cards or order some from one of the online printers offering cards for postage and handling. Announce the start of your business with a press release. Write up a story, possibly exclusive to one paper, on one of your teen’s job experiences, especially if unusual. Put together an appropriately themed talk for local civic groups.

Host a Club. People are social animals. They like to spend time with those who share their interests. People losing weight gain encouragement from each other as part of a group. Seniors in your small community or your building might desire a place to gather with friends. Pet owners, new mothers, equestrians, and others may enjoy getting together at a place you provide. Charge a nominal fee for membership. Reinvest at least part of your income in building the appeal of your operation by providing activities appropriate to the club’s theme (activities for seniors club members or exercise equipment for a weight loss club) as well as specialized magazines and videos. A frequent survey of members of what they’d like to see would be helpful. Clubs can often get discounts on purchases that would benefit members. Line up guest speakers. Frequent games and prizes are another good idea. Also, reinvest in T-shirts (good advertising) free for members as well as newspaper ads. They’re deductible. Don’t be greedy; your members can always drop out and start a club that won’t cost them a dime. Send in a press release to the papers announcing your start-up, then additional releases as your business builds focusing on members and their achievements. This could be pyramided into different clubs at non-conflicting times. No real up-front investment unless your home isn’t adequate and you need to rent space.

Dried Plant Materials. Dried plant arrangements are very popular. You can gather them yourself, creative your own arrangements, and sell them to local florists, gift, and shops for display use. If they won’t buy directly, they may handle them on consignment. Familiarize yourself with the best wild-growing plants for such arrangements and gather them at roadsides. If you do have a few bucks, invest in a little gold ribbon, gold spray paint, and other materials but don’t spend much. Google for arrangements ideas but use your imagination to create something that is unique. You can also sell the unassembled dried plants themselves if you want. Collect only from public lands unless somehow you are able to cut a deal with a private property owner. Overall, in immobilien investieren is considered as one of the best platforms to invest in. They have minimal risks and the value would always appreciate over time. You just have to be strategic on hgow you can enhance its value in the long run.