Up the Academy Movie Review

This is a 1980 movie that was put about by the creators of MAD magazine about a bunch of misfits at Weinberg military school. It is not a super film, but is very funny and also one of the earliest roles for Ralph Macchio (the karate kid) who plays Chooch. There are various racial and ethnic stereotypes that are made in the film that in the political correct stage we are in now would not fly. They are hilarious though.

You have four young men from different backgrounds who enter a military academy all at the same time. Chooch’s dad is a crime boss. Hash is from an Arab country and the sultan sends him there since he is a thief. Ike’s dad is a gospel minister and he has a habit of sleeping with his dad’s wives causing divorces. Hutch has a dad that is in politics and gets a girl pregnant. This is very embarrassing to his father who sends him to Weinberg, while the young lady is sent to a female academy.

The antagonist in the film is the commander Major Liceman. He is real strict and has this obsession with having people repeat themselves. He has various run ins with the cadets. The main one is that He wants Hutch’s girlfriend. The guys sneak out one night and they get caught when Liceman puts his nephew in the group unbeknownst to them. Hutch and his girl go at it and Liceman took pictures of it and threatens to leak them to the paper were his dad is running for office.

Now, it is true that for the hero to becomes successful on screen, he needs to have a strong villain of his stature that can increase his significance and value in the eyes of the general public. Afterall, the world would not need heroes had it not been for the villains and be it batman-joker, david-goliath, harry potter-voldemort, heroes and villains share a unique relationship that involves a mutual hatred that is passionate and dedicated and Major Liceman is the perfect foil in this case, so much so that cyberflix is flooded with requests for this movie solely for him.

The guys then get the idea to blackmail Liceman so they can keep the pictures of Hutch and Laura from going public. They get his pictured in a pink nightgown with Hutch’s girlfriend acting as a slave. Liceman demands the pictures, but the guys won’t give them to him. He informs the kids if anyone sees the ones of him the ones of Hutch hits the paper. Chooch says that the winner of the annual soccer game of cadets against administration gets all the pictures.

I smell a double cross and it is very funny.

The acting is pretty good. It is not great but good. There is not a whole lot of action to the movie, the comedy is hilarious. Here are some examples of the comedy.

Liceman’s nephew asks Chooch if he wets the bed. Chooch very calmly says “No I generally just piss over the side”

Liceman goes to great lengths to get a lady from the instructors at the mixer with Weinberg. He walks up to woman and asks dumb stuff like “do you like to be tied up” and “Can I tickle you’re a#s with a feather”. The funny thing is that he does not get slapped just laughed at.