Form and Meaning of House Music

History of House Music

House music originated in Chicago in the early 1890s influenced by the different types of dance music of that time. Disco, electro funk, b-boy hip hop, electronic pop combined and mixed together had become the foundation of the early form of house music. The disc jockeys tried to modify popular songs by adding their own touch to it like drum beats. However, later on, they started composing original tracks. Thus the term house music encompasses these homegrown tracks that become popular because it was always being played on the local radios. Then from local radios, they became popular in clubs, eventually, the house music ventured outside of Chicago and rose in popularity worldwide.

Form of House Music

The common structure of the music definitely starts with the intro, a chorus, then some verses and finally the outro. However, house music will not be called house music without the catchy drum beats which is one of the most important elements of house music. They usually contain loops that are focused on bass drums. On the early days of the house music the songs were just edited popular songs but later as mentioned earlier they become more original and contained meaningful messages that the people who listened could relate to.

Meaning of House Music

In the past house music was used to relay political views and messages of equality towards those who are considered as outcasts in the mainstream society. They became extremely popular with the young black males and other groups that could not relate to the American society. Over the years the messages contained in house music has persisted but also touched on other sensitive issues.

However, because of its popularity, it has been incorporated into many other genres that some the fans of the original house music felt that it has lost its original meaning and purpose. It is now used to appeal to the masses and to sell records. Some even say that in the past house music speaks to the soul of everyone who listens but now especially the mainstream ones just ask us to clap our hands and shake our bodies. The house music of the 21st century became very focused on the forms and whether they will sell or not, that the message and meaning have gradually become lost over the course of its development.