Best Ways To Watch Freemovies

Everyone love movies. The excitement, the adrenaline and the thrill that movies bring with them that keeps us in the edge of our seats are some kind of addictions for us. But all these joys and happiness fades when we see the ticket price.

So what do I do?

Don’t want to spend a fortune on that movie ticket and fake popcorn butter? Well, luckily for you there are tons of other legitimate sources through which you can watch movies free!

How do I watch movies free? 

There are some websites that might help you with this,

1.Can I stream it: This is a service that searches all the websites such as Hulu, redbox instant and other similar websites for displaying the movie that you searched for. This service also has an emailing feature that will send a mail to you as a reminder that the movie which wasn’t available earlier is available at the moment.

2.Amazon instant video: This amazing service offered by Amazon not only have an array of latest movies, it also houses all the episodes of latest television shows. But beware that the free movies and TV shows offered by this service is limited.

3.Moving Image Archive: This amazing websites has all the movies and TV shows that are uploaded by other fellow archive users. All the services offered by this website is free of cost. Most of the movies are old classics and is not just limited to it. It also has cartoons, documentaries and concert vidoes.

4.Crackle: This website is owned and managed by Sony. It houses hundreds of latest movies and other videos made by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Most of the movies posted in this website comes with an expiration date. This means that once you that date is over, users are asked to pay to watch later.