Say No To Bitter Medicines- Making Medical Education Impact Factor Palatable With Compounding

The role of a pharmacist has evolved these recent years. The slow transition of a pharmacist from preparing medicines and dispensing the manufactured medicine to addressing the patient’s needs by customising medications, i.e., compounding, is slowly recognised as a massive advancement in the field. 

Now, the medical field and compounding pharmacies are closely associated with catering to patient needs according to the circumstances. In simple terms, compounding is creating a custom medication to fit a patient according to his needs which pre-existing medications can not fulfil either way. 

Reasons of Compounding: Medicines no longer a Hassle, Here’s How

Compounding is an umbrella term to Mix, mould, measure, and pack tailored medications specific to individuals according to their health status. However, compounded drugs are not FDA-approved. The safety, effectiveness level, and quality of the medicine created is not tested by FDA, which can pose a risk to patients in some cases. Consulting professionals for the medical education impact factor is always a good idea to administer how the drug will impact your body. 

Patient intolerance to specific kinds of ingredients like dyes, gluten in the medicines may arise the need to consume the compounded drug. Other reasons why patients can lean towards the compounded drug are-

  • Supply shortage
  • Intolerant to allergens like dyes
  • Monitoring small dosage for infants
  • Solid pill to liquid or gel for patients with a disability to swallow 
  • Mixing of different medications in different dosage 

Compounded drugs are easy to feed into and offer flexibility and convenience to patients. For instance, One can medicate a child with a harsh drug disguised as a lollipop with added flavours. The cost of getting the compounded drug is affordable as well, similar to commercially available ones. In addition, the Compounded drug work efficiently and have fewer side effects. Also, The drugs do undergo inspection by authorities to check their safety level if not approved. 

From chronic diseases to minor stomach pain, the global medications firms are offering the best medicines in the market now. Compounding is just an aspect of the medicinal domain that made things convenient for a lot of patients.