What Is Brazilian Keratin – Know the term and the treatment!!

Operating under a variety of aliases, such as Brazilian hair straightening and keratin cure, this hair treatment seeks to strengthen and straighten hair strands by sealing a keratin agent within them. Typically, a hair iron is utilised to seal the keratin within the root of the hair strands, and each treatment of application is predicted to have an efficacy duration of approximately three months.

Prices for each treatment session can vary dramatically among similarly experienced beauticians and hair salons. However, it is worth noting that one of the key components utilised in the determination of price is the length of the hair that is to be treated and so longer hair will incur a higher fee to be levied.

A common mistake made with the procedure is that there is an erroneous assumption that it will cure/remedy frizz and curling entirely. Conservative estimates place the clinical efficacy of the procedure between 50-80%, and the chances of success are hugely contingent upon the texture of the hair in the first instance prior to treatment being undertaken in earnest.

However, the treatment has drawn strong criticism in America due to the presence of highly toxic and dangerous chemicals that have been identified as known carcinogenic agents and one of the most concerning of these has been formaldehyde. The moroccan keratin treatment reviews will offer the correct information about the treatment for hairs. It will offer the best hairs to the individuals. You can use the best methods to know about the effectiveness of the treatment. The identification of the correct information is beneficial for the people.

Marcia Teixeira® Keratin Treatment

Marcia Teixeria, herself a licensed cosmetician who has contended with her own personal battle with unruly and frizzy hair all her life was deeply concerned with the steep price that women (both as consumers and hairdressers) were paying for the management of their hair in terms of their health.

Not only were many of the chemical agents contained within the conventional keratin cure process illegal but they were toxic as well, leeching the life out of the hair itself with the passage of time as well as the vitality of the body.

In response to this unpalatable stalemate, Marcia Teixeira began to devise a product line that would provide women with the much coveted results and benefits associated with and attributed to keratin cure; with none of the actual and perceived risks cropping up.

As such, customers who purchase the Marcia Teixeira® Keratin Treatment products can be rest assured that they are purchasing a quality product that has been designed specifically with their health and hair requirements firmly in mind.

Advantages of Marcia Teixeira® Keratin Treatment

Although this procedure is suitable for people of all hair types, it is especially beneficial for those people whose hair has been chemically treated or highlighted. This is due to the fact that the cuticles contained within the hair are already open.

The procedure is suitable for both men and women.

People who suffer from chronic frizz in their hair will find that this is dramatically reduced in the first place and in the long term, will be easier to control.

Brazilian Keratin can be utilised in conjunction with other methods of hair treatment, meaning that all other potential remedies can be exhausted prior to this option being used.

Can reverse and repair the damage caused by colouring agents.

Improves strength, shine, gloss and texture of the hair, making it more aesthetically pleasing.

Hair becomes much easier to control and manage in the long-term, saving time and preventing inconvenience.

Drawbacks of Marcia Teixeira® Keratin Treatment

After a treatment has been performed, the hair cannot be washed for a total of 96 hours which maybe unpleasant especially for people who are active and therefore sweat a lot, or who suffer from dermatological conditions in their scalp such as eczema.

The procedure is very expensive and will require maintenance to keep the same high level of results.

Part of the maintenance regime involves the usage of specially made shampoo and conditioning agents. This also pads the expenses and running costs associated with this procedure.

Customer reviews

“The most amazing product we’ve ever used in 30 years.”


Issues to be aware of

Tread very lightly when using non-branded or imitation products claiming to be the official Brazilian keratin treatment, especially if the country of origin is countries where copyright laws such as China are not strictly enforced. The reason for this is that imitation and counterfeit products carry with them the very real risk of the harsh, abrasive chemical agents such as formaldehyde.

As a general rule of thumb: if it is not Marcia Teixeira® Keratin Treatment, or some subsidiary thereof, don’t make a purchase. Better yet, restrict all online purchases to the official website, or check the official website for a list of licensed vendors who stock the product.

Will it work for you?

The initial costs of each treatment, in addition to the number of treatment sessions that the consumer will require in order to see quality results is off-putting. However, this procedure will help to improve the resilience and tactile strength of the hair, meaning that over time, running costs associated with the maintenance of hair will be reduced and in some cases, by a significant amount.

With that in mind then, the Brazilian Keratin is initially expensive but justifies itself from an economic perspective over the long term.