History Of The Chicago Motor Coach

Transportation surely has come a long way. Before, travelling from one place to another wasn’t as easy as today. Fortunately, there were a few geniuses back then who thought of innovative and ingenious ways to get people going.

One of them is John D. Hertz who founded the Chicago Motor Coach Company in 1917. This company was created to serve as the first bus transportation service in Chicago back then, especially that street cars were unable to travel in their narrow roads.

Through the years, the company grew exponentially, and in 1952, was bought by the Chicago Transit Authority.

Back then, transportation in Chicago was very hard as the city only had motor coaches. Because of this, John D. Hertz thought of making the city’s transportation better by running bus transport services around the city.

He was a full blown businessman as he also run numerous other businesses, such as taxicab manufacturing, taxicab operation, car rentals, and the manufacture of cars and multiple coaches. By 1923, Hertz started the Yellow Coach Manufacturing Company to serve as a subsidiary of his Yellow Cab Company.

This was intended to supervise the manufacture of buses, which were then used for the Chicago Coach Company. By 1925, Hertz sold the majority of his Yellow Coach Manufacturing Company shares to General Motors.

The remainder of the balance was paid more than a decade later in 1943. The Chicago Coach Company was a huge success as it operated 423 buses together with its 1,800 employees that covered 134 miles inside the city.

As of now, there is a different company that’s named as the Chicago Motor Coach which operates inside the city by the same website name. This is, however, separate from the original coach company. With this, John D. Hertz’ legacy continues to live on.