How to Get Children to Help with Birthday Party Decorations

Every year you decorate for your child’s birthday. You may even enjoy the task of finding decorations and hanging them. You love parties, decorating is part of it so you do not mind. You probably do not even think about getting your children to help. How can you get your children to help decorate for their own party? Should children even decorate for their own party? You wouldn’t know about it but is a good place to look for party ideas. 

Girls love to decorate. If your daughter is having a birthday party ask her to help you decorate. She will probably enjoy picking out her own decorations and even telling you where to put the decorations around the room. Most girls will love the opportunity to tell Mommy how to do something or to do it themselves.

If your daughter does not like to decorate, you can still ask her to help. If she wants the birthday party, she will want the birthday party to have birthday party decorations. Your daughter can help you pick the decorations out and you can have her put the decorations up. She may be reluctant and not know where to put things so be supportive and suggest where the decorations will look the best.

Boys usually despise decorating. If you leave it up to them, they may tell you they do not need birthday party decorations. If you have an obstinate girl, she will tell you the same thing. Although this attitude is okay for them, you may not agree. Parents want everything to be perfect and birthday party decorations are no exception. So, how do you get these types of boys or girls to help you decorate for their birthday party?

Remember these children are obstinate and they are going to want what they want. Use this to your advantage. If the child wants a certain type of birthday party decoration buy the wrong kind to make them go to the store and help pick out the birthday party decorations for their birthday party.

For example, your daughter wants a princess theme. Choose a birthday party theme you know your child will hate. Choose dungeons and dragons. Tell her if she does not like them she will have to go to the store with you to get the right kind of decorations. If it is your son and he wants Star Wars, bring something home that he will not like, such as The Little Mermaid. Let him know you did not see anything else, so maybe he could go to the store with you and help you find the right thing.

If you are going to use threats to make your children do what you want, make sure the threats are not something they will choose over your want. Also make the threat viable so that you are able to follow through on the threat. Remember if you threaten to do something if they do not do something then, you have to follow through and do whatever it was that you threatened to do.

For example, if you are going to threaten to take the television away from your son if he does not help you decorate, be prepared to take his television away from him. Be specific in your threat. Think of what you are going to threaten in order to make your child help you decorate. You would like their help not what you threaten. Think of what your child likes to do the most and threaten to take it away from them. If your child loves the computer, tell him or her computer privileges will be suspended for two weeks if he or she does not help you decorate for their birthday party.

Rewarding your child might enthuse him or her enough to help with decorating for their birthday party. Think of what your child likes to do or wants to do that you do not let them do very often. Reward the child with his or her favorite activity. For example, if your child has been begging to go to the park or to play with his or her friends somewhere, let your child do it if he or she helps you decorate for his or her birthday party. Make sure you are agreeing to something that is safe for your child to do before agreeing to let him or her do it.

If you have an obstinate child that will not help with party decorations and you do not want to put up party decorations alone, the choice of not having party decorations is always an option. Let your child know if he or she does not help, you are not going to do it alone. Be prepared to follow through.

Children should help decorate for their birthday party if it is something they want and if they would like specific birthday party decorations. Your child can learn responsibility by helping you. The child may even enjoy spending time with you decorating for his or her party. Remember to thank the child for his or her help and make them feel important.