How to Date on a Tight Budget

Oh Love….such a sweet delight to cherish around the spring time. Yet even though the “twitterpated” air hangs over some of us, romantic ideas can dry out when stretching the buck becomes more important than limos and champagne. But if you are among those feeling the pinch along with the tickle of cupid’s arrow, don’t lose hope yet! Below are some suggestions on how to save money and still have a great time with that special someone in your life. So enjoy some of these affordable date night ideas and perhaps have a latte too with the extra money you save.

Fall/ Winter Snugglers:

Check out a Chocolate, Wine or Beer tasting…you can usually find some good deals at these events, sometimes a dinner or lunch is served too. It’s a good way to get a few drinks and save a few bucks. To find out local listings you can check out the website and look for events in your area.        Wine not your thing? Find a happy hour with 10-cent wings and two-dollar draft beers. Usually during happy hour, (around 5 and 8p.m.) You can find deals like this all over major cities.

Stroll around a Museum or the Planetarium … Museums often have one free night a week. Check the local website of the museum or contact them if you wish to attend to find out more. For example, the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) has free admission on Fridays between 6 and 9p.m. Planetariums often have a laser light show. They are quite entertaining. Visit the Hayden Planetarium’s website for more info at or find a listing of museums in New York at

Visit the IMAX …While movies are a classic idea, you can always spice up the experience wide-eyed at an IMAX theatre. Dress up, see the movie and grab a slice of pizza or ice cream afterwards. Check your local theatre listings for an IMAX show near you.

Buy or rent some DVD’s of yours or his favorite TV series… and plan several dates cuddling and watching them together. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Hit the local video arcade… It’s a cheap oldie but goodie for couples who want have fun but limit the spending…divide your money up before you go, be sure to save some for some burgers afterwards.

Make a Romantic Dinner at home with candles….Dress up for it, put on some music and save a bundle.

Curl up with the Sunday crossword puzzle or play a game of chess …. Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa together. It will be fun picking each other’s brain.

Just make sure that when you’re playing games, make sure that you deliberately lose out for her even when you are winning for there is no better feeling than seeing that smile on her face, which makes you feel more important as though you have just accomplished an upheaval task, which was mentioned on the dating app okcupid when it came to impressing your better half with such subtle hints because she is well aware that you lost on purpose just for her sake.

Spring/ Summer Rendezvous:

Go to a Carnival! They’re inexpensive, fun and there are plenty of them during the summer. Win each other a stuffed animal and have a romantic interlude on the Ferris Wheel.

Go to a farmer’s market, festival or flea market together… It’s fun taking a little stroll though these little events with your significant other. You save money on fresh, healthy food or little knick-knacks you want to buy and you also learn about one another’s interests. When you get home, hook up some of your food on the grill and enjoy a romantic dinner.

Take a ride on the Ferry… Do you like boats but can’t always afford a cruise? The Spring and Summer is a fun time to get a quick cruise from Manhattan to Staten Island. Head to Dinner before and then the Ferry in the evening or vise a versa.

Go the beach and fly a kite together…Hit the public Beach after 6…it’s usually free and the atmosphere is very romantic as less people are there. Be careful not to lose the kite when the two of you get lost in the sunset.

Head to the Batting Cage…This is great for baseball fans and is a reasonably priced summer activity.

Watch the sunrise together and head out for brunch…Restaurants don’t usually charge as muchfor breakfasts as they do for dinner…Similarly, fancy restaurants are opening earlier now to make more money. So if you head to dinner before the usual time, you can grab an “early bird special” and enjoy a very romantic dinner at a much cheaper price. Rent a movie afterwards and cuddle up for a splendid evening.

Go on a Nature Walk, head to the zoo, take a scenic drive or visit a botanical garden…all these are little or no cost.

Of course the best and perhaps cheapest thing of all you two can do to celebrate love is just spend as much time together as you can. The more time you spend together, no matter what you are doing, the closer and stronger your relationship will become. So have fun and enjoy each other’s company. True love is priceless.