Useful Facts To Learn About Color Switch Iz

Color Switch IZ is now an impressive app game for Android and iOS platforms. This game works like Flappy Bird and Spinny Circle – your ultimate goal is focused on bouncing the ball or the dot upwards and get through spinning shapes. As you survive in each circle, your score also increases and it depends on your game performance.

Color Switch Android App is all about matching the ball’s color and into the color of the circle to keep going. There are actually some tricks and tips to remember to beat Color Switch game.

The Ball

To let the small ball sit evenly as you wait for the same color to come, try tapping about two taps in every second which is equivalent to 120 beats for 60 minutes. Keep bouncing to maintain the ball in its level. You can tap a little faster when it is the perfect time to get into its matching color. However, take control of your taps for it might reach the other side before hitting the right color. Remember: one wrong move and you will have to start again.

The Shapes

Take some time before proceeding through the shapes. Take note that this game does not require time limit. Wait and you can proceed whenever you are ready or at least you found the right timing. When dealing with these shapes, take note that they are also changing directions. Thus, it allows you to stay relaxed and wait for the patterns until you jump through these without getting the ball smashed on the incorrect color.

With Color Switch IZ, your time will never be wasted. You can play it on your mobile device whenever you want to. All you need is to take things easy and do not rush them out to stay alive in the game.