You probably know the feeling. You see a guy with an awesome Wire thingy. It’s so cool, that you ask yourself again, and again: “Why the hell can’t I make that?!”.

Well, you can.

Logic in WireMod

The logic in WireMod is pretty easy once you get a hold of it. See, it’s actually basic math. WireMod works with inputs and outputs. An input gives a value to an output. This means that a wire lamp would be an output, and a button would be an input. If you don’t know, the value 0 means that the output shouldn’t be triggering anything. It’s not doing anything, because it has an incoming value telling it: Stay at 0! If a value on the other hand is 1, it tells the output component: Turn on! We have an incoming value at 1!, or something like that.

Basically, all in WireMod is about inputs telling outputs what to do.wiremode-gmod1


I spawn a light from the Wire menu. I spawn a button with an on-value of 1, and an off-value of 0. I wire the light to the button (Output – gt; Inputs, always!). I press the button. The button’s value goes “1”. And the light turns on.

If I on the other hand had made a button with an on-value of 1, and an off-value of 1, the light would have always been on. Because it only got positive values.All right…

Now you should understand the basics. Though there’s a lot of advanced components that this guide will not cover (and you wouldn’t understand at this point). I’m now gonna cover 2 more things in my guide, simply because you’re probably gonna use it a lot.


The gates in the game is used to make an output value, with it’s own input values. Get it? No? Ok. Imagine this:

You spawn an add gate from under “Arithmetic”. You spawn 1 constant value with a value of 3 and you spawn a button with an on-value of 1, and an off-value of 0. Now you spawn an explosive, with a detonation value of 4. You wire the add gates “A” and wire it to the constant value. After that, you wire “B” to the button. Now you wire the explosive to the add gate.

You understand what’s gonna happen now? If you do, you’re already on the way to mastering gates.

See, when you press the button, the add gates says: “Hm… A = 3, and B = 1. I better output a value of 4!” That value goes through to the explosive, and makes it explode. Because you set the detonation value to be 4! There’s alot of other gates, and they’re all very usefull. But there’s 1 thing that is far better than all of the gates combined…:Expression gatesNOTE: This is E2, not the old Expression Gate!


The expression gate is a component, that you code yourself. This way, you can do things that a normal gate can’t. One example is to make an expression gate asking a ranger your steam id. It then checks wirth it self it that steam id is yours. If it’s not, then you can execute an output value of your choise. I prefer turrets, that way you make a security system that only allows you, and only you, to enter. If you’re a good person, you make a button that turns the turrets off no matter what. A deep understanding of the concept can be obtained from the 토토먹sites. The person get more information about the expression from here.