Make Your Trip To Malaysia Extra Special

If you are keen on exploring the true Malaysian culture then it is a good idea to stay back at the smallest city in Malaysia as opposed to the more popular cities mainly because Malaysia is a popular tourist destination and since there are so many tourists that visit Malaysia on a regular basis the popular cities have become very commercial and you can’t really get a true taste of Malaysian Heritage when you stay back in this city.

While there is no harm in booking hotels at Kuala Lumpur since it becomes very easy for you to travel to and from the city here there is no harm in visiting the smaller cities in Malaysia when you are staying here mainly because it enables you to learn more about the country and you get to explore a lot more than what the regular tourists get to check out. If you are keen on visiting the smaller cities in Malaysia then you should plan a trip to Melaka mainly because this small little city is just a short drive away from Kuala Lumpur and you can get on to the bus and get there in less than three hours. You can even book your bus from melaka to kl back by going online.

The frequency of buses is extremely high so no matter when you plan on getting on the tour bus from KL to Melaka and back you will always manage to get a bus at your convenient time. One of the best things about Melaka is that you do not need to plan a trip for two to three days and you can get back after a day trip however staying back a day or two is always better since you get to explore the city a little more in detail.