Traveling From Singapore To Batam Via Ferry

If you want to travel by ferry from Singapore to Batam, you have various options to choose from as there are several ferry crossings which operate between these two points. There are two ports in Singapore which you can connect via ferry to five ports in Batam. Now before you travel, you will require having a ferry ticket from Singapore to Batam which you can obtain through online services. There are 87 combined ferry crossings each day, which are operated by four ferry companies which include: Majestic Fast Ferry, Sindo Ferry, Batam Fast Ferry, and Horizon First Ferry.

Why Travel Between the Singapore and Batam

Though Singapore is a small country, it receives a lot of visitors due to its development in commercial hubs and has one of the largest financial centers in the world. If you happen to visit Singapore, you will find out that, it is no longer the small fishing village that it used to be sometimes back; there is a lot to see when you visit Singapore which includes lively cosmopolitan city which has a high-rise building that has landscaped gardens and is rich in its heritage.

After visiting Singapore, visitors prefer touring the neighboring Indonesia island, Batam via a ferry ride. Batam is an industrial free trade zone, which has become crowded, thus providing a perfect blend of leisure and business.  In Indonesia, Batam is the largest and busiest entry point due to its nearness to Singapore which has some of the top class hotels and resorts, tax-free shopping malls, and golf courses. It has become one of the favorite tourist attractions and that is why there is a flow of tourists from Singapore to Batam.

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