Bill Cosby Shirts By 0stees

One of the ways through which we humans get to express ourselves is through the apparel that we wear. While a lot of people may wear clothes simply because it’s the first thing that they see in their drawer, some people use the apparel that they wear to air out opinions about things, to draw attention, and in lighter cases, just to grab attention and then make people laugh. With that said, one of the things that you can consider getting is this shirt:, which features a Bill Cosby meme, which says:  “Look, either we Fuckn or I’m Fuckn”.

About the Shirt

Bill Cosby is one of the most iconic celebrities there are, thanks to a lot of his movies. As you can see, the print that’s on the shirt shows Bill Cosby, with hands that are gesturing as if he is explaining something, and somehow, it fits the message perfectly. To prevent any legal issues, the word fuckn is obviously misspelled in order to cover up the actual word, which can be offensive for a lot of people. It’s definitely something that can draw people’s attention, as Bill Cosby is notorious as well for being a sex offender, and hence fuckn may make sense.

Shirt Qualities

More than just the humor, this shirt has a great quality to it, as you have a lot of different styles you can choose from. The same print can be placed on an Ultra-Cotton T-Shirt for Men and Women, a Crewneck pullover, or a Cotton Tank Top. While the color is black, a sport gray, ash gray, dark heather version could also be availed of. The shirts are thick, and hence can survive several years of washing, provided that adequate and gentle care is being observed so as not to damage the print.