All You Need To Know About Hamster Cages

In the market  for hamster cages, you will get both expensive and cheap hamster cages and the choice is yours depending on your financial capability, the type of hamster you own, and the preferences. Before deciding on which one is good for you, it is important to know more about hamster cages.

Make sure that you familiarize yourself to know the type of wires which are used in cages for the case of wire cages. Wire cages are the most popular, but the problem is, most of them are small in size. They normally have a detachable base which is made of solid plastic and its horizontal bars are normally good for hanging chews and toys. If you happen to have a Syrian hamster, you will need to go for a customized big wire cage. Take precaution to make sure that there are always toys and chews for the hamster to avoid it chewing on the wires and developing dental problems which might require the attention of a veterinary.


If you decide to buy a plastic hamster cage, you will need to put in mind that, they are multi-level and have tunnels and will provide other areas where your hamster can run and play. Visually, it is appealing to the eye and you might just be tempted to buy it on impulse. They are also the best, especially for dwarf hamsters  as its small size will allow it to run and play in the tunnels. It provides a good scenario where you can watch your hamster running through the tunnel. The downside of this particular hamster cage is that it cannot accommodate large animals as they will be stuck in the tunnel. It might also prove tough for you because, the dwarf hamsters can hide in the crannies and nooks, making it tough to be located. Due to their small sizes, they are only good to be used as attachments to other larger cages.

There is the option of going for aquarium hamster cages. Though they are not specifically designed for hamsters, they can be used as  cheap hamster cages. They are constructed from either plexiglass or solid glass, thus making them very sturdy and you can easily see through and observe what the hamsters are up to.  The top is normally covered with meshed wire to stop them from escaping from the cage. It is advisable that, if you decide on the aquarium hamster cage, make sure the floor space is about the minimum required size which is 30 – 40 gallons.


They are normally ideal for small hamsters i.e. the Chinese and the Dwarf.  The downside of this type of cage is that, it is normally poorly ventilated, and it is too heavy, thus making the hamsters be exposed to respiratory diseases and because it is not specifically meant for hamsters, you will have to buy additional items to make it compatible.

Get the best out of the different types which will be compatible with your hamster cage needs.

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