5 Benefits Of Crate Training Your Puppy

Generally, the first lesson that you will give to your shiba inu puppy is how to be house-trained. To achieve a faster result, getting a crate has been strongly suggested for this kind of dog training. Getting a crate for your puppy is like getting a crib or a playpen for a baby. Puppies and dogs like them. It acts as their own safe haven and also provides them a sense of warmth and comfort. Listed below are five benefits of crate training your puppy:

  1. The crate gets him ready to get on a schedule for house training.
  2. It provides security and functions as a babysitter. To make sure that your dog will not get into any kind of trouble when you’re not around or too busy to look after him, putting your pet in a crate is a good way to guarantee his safety.
  3. It is their private room, their place of sanctuary. It is a place where they can get away from the entire commotion and turmoil of everyday life. A corner where they can hide out, especially when there are children in the house who always like playing with them. It is also a familiar place for him when you take the dog with you on vacations. He won’t feel stressed or sad if you leave him alone in the hotel room or any strange place.
  4. Putting your dog in a crate provides safety inside a moving vehicle. It protects both you and your dog particularly during an emergency stop.

There may be instances where you have to keep your dog in one particular area, maybe after an injury or after being altered. If your dog is used to being in a crate, he will not have to go through added stress should anything happen to him where he would need to be confined.