Menopause Toronto

Menopause signifies the twilight of a woman’s fertility. It is the permanent end of menstruation and occurs to women in their 40s.In many cases the turbulent hormonal changes associated with menopause causes insufferable symptoms likes disrupt sleep, depression, hot flashes and weight gain among others. Menopause Toronto health care providers offer consultation and preventive healthcare for the above symptoms and other associated medical conditions.

Menopause treatment is aimed at reducing the symptoms associated with menopause by regulating hormone balance. This is necessary to prevent other health conditions that grow from these symptoms.

How to find the best Toronto Menopause clinic

  1. Ascertaining treatment goals– bad case menopause symptoms may be due to other factors in your life. There is no single factor that causes adversarial menopause symptoms. A good Toronto Menopause clinic will carry out a thorough medical exam of your issue to help determine what factors are causing the symptoms before starting you on a treatment program.
  2. Custom treatment plan– Every woman goes through menopause differently. Everyone is different according to their body type, hormones, lifestyle and medical history. Find doctors who can sit down with you and design a plan specifically for you, and those who are willing to monitor you to see if the plan is working.
  3. Multidimensional approach in treatment– A good menopause Toronto clinic should be able to offer you a multidimensional approach to treating menopause. This includes counselling, diet and exercise on top of or apart from pills. For instance soy milk helps with hot flashes and aerobic exercise helps with mood.


Many clinics are available in Toronto with many doctors who offer different kinds of menopause treatment programs ranging from Hormone Therapy, Supplements, herbs or physical therapy. People in Toronto looking for a menopause doctor or clinic should consider the factors listed above.