Helpful Guide in Caring for your Eyes

You have testogen for your body, but your eyes need special care as well. Eyes are often ignored until it is too late. You do not notice them until they malfunction. If you cannot read this page then you are normal among those who make the same assumption. You can begin today to take care of your eyes and see clearly for many years to come. There are some basic principles to observe in ocular care to preserve the longevity of your eyes.



An easy way to begin taking care of your eyes is to keep them moist. If you are like I was then you may have to learn to administer eye drops to your own eyes. Warm, stale air dries out eyes, as does dehydration of your body. The solution is eyes drops or a wet compress applied for at least 10 minutes.

The body easily becomes dehydrated when taking in the kinds of liquids we consume today. Coffee, tea, latte, cappuccino, sodas, and energy drinks all deprive the body of water. The general rule is that if the drink contains caffeine or carbonation then it will dehydrate you. For each caffeine loaded or carbonated drink you consume you should drink an equal amount of water.


Some foods are dangerous to the eyes and others are beneficial. Carrots are a traditional reinforcement for the eyes, while proteins and processed sugars encourage fungal and bacterial growths. Vitamin A itself is crucial to the health of the eye. So foods such as papaya, eggs, fish, milk, cilantro, carrots, spinach and mangoes should be components of your regular diet.


Regardless of whether it is sunny or cloudy outside you should always wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from deterioration by UV rays. Your eyes receive permanent damage from UV exposure each time you neglect to wear UV protection. Many sunglasses are merely tinted glass, offering no anti-UV layer. Those that do, have a label that indicates such. UV, dust particles and wind all contribute to benign growths on the eye. It is important to guard yourself against these exposures as much as possible.

Wear eye protection whenever you work or play with a risk to the eyes. Painting, sanding, drilling and even hammering should not be done without goggles. Sports should always be played with eye protection, since accidents can and do happen, but always when we least expect them. That is the very nature of an accident’s difference from other events. One accident and our eyes may be permanently, even if not thoroughly, crippled.


Exercise is as important to the lifelong health of the eyes as it is to that of the whole body. Eye exercises include closing the eyes and relaxing their muscles, opening them slowly and focusing easily on a distant object, then adjusting your focus to another object at arm’s length. You should deliberately perform this exercise 4-5 times daily for strong and flexible eye muscles. After about half an hour of computer work, take a break and stare at a light-colored object that is at least 20 feet (7 meters) away. This exercises the focal length of your eyes, strengthening tired eyes.

Bodily Health

Do no neglect the body itself and the context for the eyes. The general health of the body, which includes diet, nutrition, exercise and mental health, all contribute to a supportive system for ocular health care. Oxygen, blood flow, the immune system, hydration, nerve connections, and the muscular chemistry of Calcium and Potassium all contribute to healthy eyesight in addition to the basic eye care principles already mentioned.