Bodybuilding Diet Mistakes You Must Avoid

How to avoid common bodybuilding diet mistakes – Part 1 What if you could learn from the mistakes of others? This is the purpose of this page, to teach you to avoid the most common bodybuilding diet mistake bodybuilders make that hinder their progress! Follow these rules closely when you plan your bodybuilding diet plan of attack and we guarantee that you will a lot more muscle in a shorter period of time!

Bodybuilding diet mistake # 1 – Consuming too little or too much protein.

You probably know that protein is the single most important building block in your diet. Eating too little protein can definitely hinder your progress and let your muscles starving for more, causing them to go into a catabolic state. Eating too much protein on the other hand can be a waste of money and it can end up around your waist. Yes, you read correctly. Even too much protein can be stored as body fat! So, what do you do? Start with 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight and increase gradually until you find the appropriate amount for progress! Slowly but surely you will figure out what your body needs to repair and rebuild muscle tissue according to your goals.

Bodybuilding diet mistake # 2 – Eating the wrong type of carbohydrates.

This is probably the most common mistake among new bodybuilders. They seem to think that every carbohydrate is the same. This is not the case. Eating a bag of potato chips for carbs will not have the same results as eating a baked potato.

Eating a mars bar will not give you the same energy that a bowl of oatmeal will! In other words like on , choose natural carbs over processed carbs! Rice (brown preferably), white, red & sweet potatoes, oatmeal, whole grains and fruits are all foods that are power packed with extremely nutritious and energy potent carbohydrates! Not only you will have more energy in the gym but in your other daily activities as well. You will also recover faster and you will store less body fat . Bodybuilding diet mistake # 3 – Not including healthy fats in the diet.

Fats are a very essential component of any diet. You might also think that all fats are equal or that all fats will make you store body fat. Well, that’s simply not the case. There are different types of fats that will have different results in your body. Saturated fats that come from fried and processed foods should be avoided in your diet – permanently! An excessive amount will not only get stored as body fat but it will have really serious health hazards in the long run. There are also healthy fats which have a ton of health benefits! These not only support a healthy metabolism & hormone production but can provide healthy calories for your bulking up bodybuilding diet. These include fats from olive oil, almonds and peanuts, natural peanut butter, fish oils and omega 3’s. You should have at least one daily source of healthy fats to your diet plan! You will have more energy but your body will function much more efficiently as well. Bodybuilding diet mistake # 4 – Taking too many supplements

A lot of people focus on supplements and lose sight of the importance of the nutrition plan. Sure supplements like creatine and glutamine can enhance your strength and recovery but you should never, ever think they are more important than your daily diet. Nothing will ever beat the anabolic power of natural healthy whole foods. Take supplements in moderation and always look to improve your bodybuilding diet, whether you are looking to gain muscle or burn body fat. Learn how your body works and what type of diet makes you gain more muscle. It’s a life long learning process so make sure you learn as much as possible! Bodybuilding diet mistake # 5 – Cheating too much on your diet

Cheating is an essential part of any diet. It can give you a relief from eating the same foods day in and day out but it can also help speed up your metabolism, if you are trying to burn body fat. Bodybuilders however who are trying to gain weight, think they can eat whatever they want whenever they want it.

This can prove detrimental to your success, especially if your body type is super sensitive to simple carbs.

The key with cheating is to do it in moderation. If you are dieting to lose fat, cheat only once a week and for one or two meals. If you are trying to gain weight, you can get away with more but do not go overboard! The best time to cheat on your diet would probably be right after a heavy workout when your body’s needs for nutrients is at an all day high.

A diet is especially important, you need to follow it on a regularly basis. Cheats are essential, following a strict diet is hard and the body is worked up, if you start burning fat and it could also speed up your metabolism. Carbs play a very important role, they build for most of your body, the muscle for your body is given by those essential carbs.