Best Fitness Apps

Are you planning to go for a run every day and get your fitness on point? Are you planning to lose the extra pound of fat in your belly? Well we would advise you to do it the right way with the right equipment so that you exactly know how much you are working everyday and this number will help you keep going as your progress will motivate you. You can buy the all your running equipment from runninglikeapro website and one more thing that you will need is a proper running app which will measure the amount of distance you cover every day, in a fixed time and also the approx amount of calories you burnt. There are a lot of apps that you can download from the market and we have made a list for you.



This is my personal favourite app as you can track your fitness and performance on this app and you can even access a lot of workout and programs. You can also buy a subscription at $2.5 and with that you get a heart rate monitor, make a training plan, and remove ads. They also have an website that you can use to keep track of your stuff from your computer.



This is an amazing app as it keeps count of your diet and food value. We all know that our diet is very important for a good body and this app is perfect as it lets you calculate your calorie and protein intake from a database of 4 million foods.



This app is absolutely free and has gone a lot of improvements since the last year or so. This is an absolutely must if you have a smart watch. You keep track of all kinds of stuff using this app.

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